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Rent Our Space

Hosting a party?  Have a product or service that you'd like to showcase?  Consider our space for your next event!  Rental fee is $35 per hour.  

To reserve your date, call/text 708.296.4745,  

or email [email protected]

Pri​vate Yoga Parties 

One-on-One Instruction:  $75

Contact us to set up a One-on-One Yoga Session that is tailored to meet your individual needs.  You may choose your teacher, or have one selected for you based on your needs and expectations for class.

Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes.

To make your appointment, call/text 708.296.4745, or email [email protected]

Private Group Yoga / Corporate Yoga

2-6  People:  $102

7 +   People:  $204

Let Yoga on Wolf host a Private Yoga Session for your next group event.  Wellness is a great choice for any occasion, so whether it's a birthday, wedding party, even a team building exercise for your staff, we've got you covered.

Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes. 

To reserve your class date and teacher, call/text 708.296.4745, or email [email protected]

Intuitive Spiritual Reading w/Jeremy James

Jeremy is an Intuitive Empath, which means that he uses his Intuition (the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, or conscious reasoning) and being Empathic (being able to sense/feel what others are feeling, either emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally or energetically) to conduct a Reading. During a session, Jeremy utilizes a system his Guides have taught him. This includes a blend of pulling Crystals, Oracle Cards, reading one’s Energy Fields and Channeling Intuitive messages from his Guides and yours. In session, Jeremy becomes a Spiritual Medium, a bridge between this World and the Spirit World. The energies he may sense around you as Guides, and connect you with can range from Passed loved ones, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Saints, Animal Totems, your Higher-Self and anything in between. This depends on which type of energy is needed to bring the message through. A reading with Jeremy is recommended for those that feel stuck or looking for confirmation(s) on a specific subject or issue that one is struggling with or if you are looking for direction and guidance, but there certainly is no need for a specific issue to receive a reading. Jeremy will share messages from your Guides, and give you tools to help you take the next steps on your Journey. This will help with one’s healing process as well as the Evolution of one’s own spirit. Jeremy is honored to be utilizing his gifts to help others & is grateful to be a part of your Journey.

30 minute sessions are $70

60 minute sessions are $100

To schedule an appointment, please call, text or email Theresa @ 708.296.4745 / [email protected] 

Energy Healing Session w/Jeremy James

These energy sessions are personalized and tailored to each individual client to ensure the most beneficial experience. Jeremy will incorporate a combination of Reiki, crystals, sound healing instruments, plus a variety of other modalities. Jeremy invokes the healing energies of The Christ Consciousness, The Blessed Mother, The Holy Spirit, The Archangels, The Saints, The Ascended Masters, and other beings of Light, along with your personal spiritual team, to aide in the Healing process. Each individual appointment is focused on allowing the unconditional Love of the Universe to flow through the client and to amplify the energetic healing and provide a deeper understanding of one’s own spirit. These sessions focus on the removal of energy blockages, stress reduction, chakra balancing, and a wide range of other possibilities. One’s Guides may channel healing messages through Jeremy and be shared after your experience. These sessions have the ability to provide an overall sense of balance to one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

60 minute sessions are $100

To schedule an appointment, please call, text or email Theresa @ 708.296.4745 / [email protected]

Intuitive Spiritual Reading & Energy Healing Session Package

This is a combination package of a 30 minute Intuitive Spiritual Reading and a 60 minute Energy Healing Session with Jeremy. This is highly recommended for those who want Intuitive guidance about themselves and what areas they most need healing in. These sessions allow Jeremy ample amount of time to gain insight on a situation and then proceed to focus on those areas with energy work.

90 minute sessions are $155

To schedule an appointment, please call, text or email Theresa @ 708.296.4745 / [email protected]

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading w/Melissa Gall

Melissa is an intuitive energy reader who uses her gifts of clairaudience and tarot divination to guide you toward the right path of balancing subtle energy in order to bring balance physically, mentally and emotionally in your life.

Melissa has training in the energy systems of the subtle body through her advanced training in the practice of yoga and uses this knowledge along with her deep understanding of esoteric wisdom to gently guide you on the path toward self enlightenment.

To begin this 1 hour session, Melissa will first read the energies of your subtle body and then ask a few questions about your physical body. She will then use this information and link it with tarot cards in order to see a complete picture of the subconscious self and what may be causing energy blockages in specific areas of your life. She will then use this information to work with your own inner guidance to direct you on the path most suitable for you and also guide you with tools for self healing. 

60 minute sessions are $60

To schedule an appointment, please call, text or email Theresa @ 708.296.4745 / [email protected]